Simulation of Light using DIALux 4.7 & POV-Ray 3.6‎

here are the link for the Tutorials

Dialux Tutorial 01

Dialux Tutorial 02

Dialux Tutorial 03

DIALux is very professional software and I like it because of many reasons, some of them are:

  1. It is free of charge
  2. It has many free luminaires plugins
  3. It has integrated rendering engine POV-Ray
  4. It is continually updated

I made a simulation using ERCO products like Cantax in an interior project that was modeled using DIALux 4.7, an object of 3ds (chair) was imported into project, images as jpg also were imported and applied to the paintings. The rendering was done using POV-Ray 3.6.

DIALux 4.5_1024_11

The results were very nice and photorealistic rendering. Actually one of my colleges thought that I used 3ds MAX & V-ray
















The animation path were created using DIALux and exported to POV-Ray, of course I needed Photoshop and adobe premiere to develop the final animation which you can watch




  1. Wow, nice! Looks realistic and good 😉

    I’m having a bit of trouble myself handeling imported 3ds models in dialux 4.5. Do you know were I can get a tutorial or information about this.

    The problem is that, when I imported a 3d blob from rhino, dialux will look through the surface from the position you are looking at it. So I’m not able to see the outside. Dialux does the same with rooms, you look through the walls. For rooms it’s handy. But for .3ds it’s not.

    Hope you have an Answer 😉

    Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work



  2. Hi Kasper
    Have you tried this
    Select the object then right click of muse and choose the third command in the ‎context menu which is
    Mode ”flip surfaces ”
    and then try
    flip this surface and its ‎surrounding
    and after you finish choose
    end editing of rear side ‎


  3. Very nice render!!!! How could you do this? I tried to use de POVRay but the lights were not reslistic. Can you help me with the render parameters? Please! Thank you!


  4. Hi Ezzat,
    i was wondering if you have any tutorials of dialux,for ex. this awesome interior rendering you made above.I am a lightinng designer and i really could use some help with dialux.I have searched everywhere but i cant find not a single tutorial with dialux and povray.Im allready working with dialux but my rendering results are very unrealistic.So i could use a little help from you.


  5. Hi Michael
    Ya I agree with you, that if setting is not correct then the result are awful,
    Have u tried the help of DIAlux , there is one chapter you can start with
    on you can find pov-ray help
    now it is help only and really a tutorial


  6. Hi ezzat i have tried the dialux help, its not really something it explains the program capabilities.All i need is a help line for something like this you have done,how can i set povray in an interior room,to make reflections etc.Can you help me ??


  7. Ok sure, First of all , do you know how to set the basic setting like transparency and reflectance
    I would like u to email me on of your project
    or I do with the setting
    Right now I am having a big project I would like to finish, but sure lets contact by mail.


  8. Hi Ezzat
    can you tell me how much time your images and animations take to render? What specification computer do you use?
    When I render a picture it takes a long time. Rendered animations take weeks.



  9. Hi Ezzat,

    yours is really a nice video!
    I would like to know, how you can obtain the colour changing effect. It’s a postproduction effect, or you can do that inside Dialux?


  10. Hi Mike
    It this project took around 28 hours
    but some larger project could take a week
    what I do to minimize the time is that I divide the rendering on more than one computer


  11. Hi Mattia
    Thank you
    each frame of color is done using Pov-Ray
    the integrated ray tracing tool inside DIALux
    then I gather them using Adobe Premier


  12. Dear Ezzat Sir,

    i am working on Dialux last 1year. now i am progress in the Pro-ray but model is not so realistic, i know there is some parameter theory , but i can’t get it can you help me sir.
    thanks for your such a good lighting design journey.


  13. Dear Ezzat Sir,
    Your work is amazing,
    how you make a reflection on the floor ?
    and can you tell me how I can get addition furniture models to use.

    thank you


  14. dear ezzat;
    i am an electrical engineer that i would like to know your methods about working with dialux as a good software for DALI lighting systems.I have good ideas about working with dialux to manage a lighting project.


  15. Hi Ezzat,
    first of all thank you for your efforts, cool render by the way, i am an electrical engineer and i am using dialux for ArchLighting of Mosques in istanbul. my problem is that calculation time is very long, my pc specs AMD Phenom Quadcore 2500mhz, 4GB ram, Ati radeon HD4850 512MB, by the way if you can help me to share rendering load on cpu to other computers in network,
    thanks again


  16. Hi ezzat,

    Nice to see you around again…I wish you the best and many succesfull projects.

    I’ m posting some renders on Dialux forum with the nick name: LD El Salvador, I’ll appreciate too much your comments.

    Bye , best regards.


  17. Hellou,
    I have a problem wenn I rendering scene in Pov Ray

    Possible Parse eror: all version and declare of float, vector, and color require semi-colon at end.

    File:dialux.pov line 5304

    Parse warning: should have at least 2objects in csg.

    File: c:program files/pov ray for windows v3.6/include/ line:18

    Parse warning due to change in version 3.1 you must add interior (I_glass) to all object calliing
    Parse warning : degenerate CSG bounding box (not used)
    Cleanup parse warning: This rendering uses the following experimental features:radiosity.
    The design and implementation of these features is likely to change in future version of Pov Ray. Full backward compatibility with the current implementation is not quaranteed.

    POVMSobject_set failed, out of memory
    press cancel to hal rendering

    Please, can you help me.

    Thanks Richard from Slovakia


  18. Hi, my problem with rendering still persists. Even if you run the POV-Ray in DIALux even if you run as pvengine.exe my stats:

    POVMSObject_Set failed, out of memory. Press cancel to halt rendering. What does this mean?


  19. what is the size of the file is it more than 80 Mb?
    if so then it is too big to be opened by POV-Ray and you have to take out some furniture


  20. My file ma only 34.6 MB (36,311,040 bytes), I have only one xx.3ds furniture vsetky ostatne su m3d. files

    Thank you for the reply


  21. My file have only 34.6 MB (36311040 bytes), I have only one xxx. 3ds furniture all others are m3d. files

    Thank you for the reply


  22. Hi Ezzat, your render is very nice and realistic. I have three questions for you:

    1. How do you created the sphere?

    2. How do you created the round holes in the sculpture, because when i tried to do something like this, the round details looks like an octagon and it’s awful.

    3. How do you created the first 21 seconds of the animation, because when i do an animation using dialux, it doesn´t looks realistic because it isn’t pov ray.

    I hope you can help me with my doubts and i like to send you some of my works to have your opinion about it.


  23. Hello Mr Ezzat Baroudi ,
    perhaps is this a common question but we want to buy a new and fast “dialux-computer”.
    can you tell me what kind of computer you use for the more advanced dialux drawings?
    thank you very much.
    kind regards, Ruben


  24. Good day Mr Ezzat Baroudi,
    Any tutorials you can share or recommend?
    Thanks, regards and God bless!

    Please add me in your Facebook.


  25. Thsanks for this website. I visited it today and I will explore all the links on it in order to learn.

    I send you more comments in the near future.

    Thanks and best regards



  26. Hello, i want to repeat question asked by PACO

    How do you created the first 21 seconds of the animation, because when i do an animation using dialux, it doesn´t looks realistic because it isn’t pov ray.

    i havent seen answer to that one and i’m very curious. How to make short video that look like POV-Ray image


  27. Hello Ezzat,
    I would like to use one of your rendering images in a publication. Of course with a reference to your name and/or website. Please contact me for this matter.


  28. Hello Ezzat!
    Is it possible to create a neon logo in Dialux without using lights? I have one logo in 3D and I would like to apply very bright white material (like neon). Is that possible?
    If not, how can I do it?
    Thanks and best regards!


  29. Is it possible to create the Animation by using Dialux evo & How to create the Buildings by using this Dialux or Dialux evo. If you are knowing the answer pls let me know.


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