DIALux or Relux…Which one is more popular?‎

DIALux or Relux

Which one is more popular?

A new but different article is written recently in the following link

DIALux Relux Report 2010

In the past, each company used to have its own software for lighting calculation or rendering, which makes the designer have trouble learning all of these software, moreover the print outs & documentations will be different form one room to another in the same project!

And what if the designer would like to design the lighting using luminaires form different manufacturers?

Using single software is obviously much better.Besides mastering one software is better than to know little about all.

But the question is what software shall I use?

In the market there are many softwares some of them are free and some cost money.

When we talk about free lighting software DIALux and Relux are the best in the market.

It shall be noted that Relux is not completely free; the plug-in for ray tracing (Radiance) is not free and cost money, while DIALux provide this option as free of charge (POV-RAY) and this option is very important to produce high quality images.

As a matter of fact in many cases this is the only way to show the customer the result of lighting design, as most of them don’t understand lux , luminance , UGR …etc

I used both then I stopped using Relux when I found that the Plug-in for CAD & Ray tracing is not free.

Using the POV-Ray of DIALux we can generate high quality images.

Personally I found DIALux very powerful and I was wondering which is used more around the world DIALux or Relux?

I don’t know if there is real survey about this but I made simple comparison.

The comparison is not about technical capability of each, it is rather about distribution of both software around the world and the result as of July/2008 is

By using Google trends (www.google.com/trends ), a tool that you can compare which words had been searched more , I found out that the word “DIALux” had more search than the word “Relux” by over 4 times!

The search of DIALux was 4.2 times more than relux in Google search engine

And to make sure that DIALux means the “software DIALux” nothing else, I used the website function which tells which website were visited more dial.de or relux.biz


DIALux has much more visitors than Relux

This gives indication that DIALux users around the world are much more than Relux users

Visitors of DIALux in Blue compared with visitors of Relux in red

And by using information form both websites dial.de and relux.biz, I found that DIALux has many partners outside Europe in the Far East China, Malaysia, Japan, and Russia and Middle East Saudi Arabia and Dubai and is being more international.

Actually DIALux has partners form 26 countries while Relux has only from 13 countries

Table below summarize the comparison



Number of Languages supported



Numbers of Partners



Number of countries

(Nationality of the Partners)



Google Search (form Google trends)



Website visits (form Google trends)

Much more around the world

Also If you check the Traffic Rankings of both websites on alexa.com you will find that dial.de has a traffic rank of: 432,788 while Relux.biz has a traffic rank of: 1,329,600

which means that dialux website has higher rank than relux by almost 3 times

As a conclusion DIALux has more partners, languages and users around the world than Relux

And DIALux much more popular than Relux.

DIALux Relux Report 2010

24 thoughts on “DIALux or Relux…Which one is more popular?‎

  1. maurice Belcher October 1, 2008 — 7:04 am

    great comments, very profesional. based on your comments I am going to use DIALux


  2. Perhaps you could take a look at YouTube to see how many people post case studies using the various packages. Just because people visit the site, and maybe even download the package, does not neccessarly mean they use it ?

    But good research never-the-less ! Well done.


  3. I think this survey gives good motivation for new users also.

    good. Excellent comments


  4. hi, dear i am dialux software. i very much happy if you send me dialux 4.5 tutorial so i can learn more. thanks


  5. Good research. I found that dialux is more flexible in terms of mastering the software and compability with Max and Cad file.

    By the way, im still new in lighting design and im appreciate very much if we can share tutorial about dialux as i supposed Mr Ezzat is mastering dialux software already. It will be nice if u can help others too…

    anyway, Thanks for sharing ur pov and technical info. 🙂


  6. dear ezzat;
    i am an ITI electrical that i would like to know your methods about working with dialux as a good software for DALI lighting systems.I have good ideas about working with dialux to manage a lighting project.


  7. Hi Ezzat
    Kindly inform me the steps one by one for the using of DIAlux program in the interiore
    ligting design…Reagards


  8. can you send me the visual presentation of dialux .
    how to work on the dialux 4.7



  9. Thanx! I’ve had DiaLux and Relux sitting on my desk since the Frankfurt Building + Lighting Fair. Been wondering which one I should install .. looks like DiaLux wins!


  10. the best software comparison i have found to date.

    However do you have any thoughts on AGI32 (USA) and Oxytech Lightstar 4D (Italy)?

    I would appreciate your thoughts.

    Kind Regards



  11. I need Tutorial on Dialux Please.


  12. Hi Ezzat,

    Is it possible to import a 3ds object as room into DIALux? It seems to me that you have all this complicated architecture. To me it’s a bit tough to do it all in DIALux as opposed to doing it in a proper 3d tool like 3ds max or modo.



  13. Hi Naza
    Yes it is possible to import a 3ds object into DIALux


  14. Great Research Ezzat! I also shared this in my social networks. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Dialux Tutorial_How to create a cove for cove lighting in DIALux on the following link


  16. I have Autocad Plan of ten (10) room Residence (6,000 Sq. ft) with Furniture layout (in 2 D and 3D).
    The Latitude, Longitude, compass directions are known.
    I have Autocad Plan showing location and type of ceiling and wall mounted light locations
    I have Autocad Reflected Ceiling Plans and Sections in Autocad.
    I have a list of the Lights ( with manufacturers’ spec in PDF) and Lamp data
    There are 21 types of lights and total 211 lights
    Would there be a benefit to input above in Dialux and see result before finalizing nad purchasing lights?
    What would it cost to do above Dialux?
    How much time would be needed after you got all the data by email.


  17. thak you Ezzat I appreciat your efforts to improve our skills in dialux I ‘m working on it and I fond it vert interesting
    best regards


  18. Is dialux searched for more often because people need more help to use it? The ray tracing feature is now part of the free package, and is based on the ‘gold standard’ Radiance!


    1. Sorry, I meant that the ray tracing feature of Relux is now included in the standard free package


      1. Ezzat Baroudi May 18, 2012 — 4:28 am

        People always need help in any software and they only need help if they want to use it

        Regarding ray trace, it is right now it is free but when I wrote this article in 2008 it was not.
        Both DIALux and Relux are good softare
        Here I didn’t say that one is better than the other, I only DIALux is more popular


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    amend your site, how could i subscribe for a blog website?
    The account aided me a acceptable deal. I had been tiny
    bit acquainted of this your broadcast offered bright clear concept


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