Learning Lighting Design Through An Interactive Awesome Website

Lighting design becomes a big field recently, and if  Architect or Engineers wants to design lighting, they should learn many things about lighting, lamps, optics, colors , control system and calculation using 3ds Max or DIALux and the difference between radiosity calculation and ray tracing rendering

For me ERCO Guide is one of the best resources I have ever found for learning lighting design

but there is one difficulty using this guide, as the guide is rich of useful information, it might be difficult to use.

here bellow is an example how to use ERCO Guide

1. First of all go to www.erco.com and then chose Guide as shown on the next Image

2. In the guide you will find many interesting topic I recommend that you go through all of it, but for this example chose outdoor lighting as shown in the next Image.

3. go down the page and chose entrance area large as shown form next image

4.notice that there is many links in each page, press the Planning link as could be seen form next Image

5. you can find many design options, you can select between them and read the design concept and you can also see the arrangement of the luminaries  .

this is only one example, this guide is really full of good information and arranged in a perfect way

But what is really cool that in the download section you can download the whole Gudie as A PDF file for free!



  1. I’m the DIALux responsible for Italy; many times I saw your images and I should be glad to know you better and to change with you some experiences
    If you will have, please, write me


  2. Hi Mr Baroudi,
    Just thought I would congratulate you on your designs and hard work. I have just started using DIALux and didn`t realise the potential of this tool until I saw your fabulous work. Thanks for the pointer towards the ERCO guide. You are right there is an absolute wealth of information there.
    thank you for being an inspiration.


  3. Mr. Baraoudi,
    I am from the USA. I am using DIALux EVO1 and would like to create an internally glowing object. i.e: sphere with light inside that glows soft white. i cannot get the textures to render properly in EVO 1. The project is much to complex for 4.10 to render, thought hte texture settings worked in 4.10 for the object. i saved the object with textures complete as .m3d in 4.10 and imported it into EVO and it will not render the same. Do you know how to make this happen in EVO 1?

    Thank you,


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