DIALux Relux Report 2010

In 2008. I wrote a topic about DIALux or Relux…Which one is more popular? this year I am writing a report based on the data available on both websites  www.dial.de and http://www.relux.biz and dated on 21-10-2010 to show the partners of both softwares and the country of origin of each partner and the here are the results


It is obvious form the data collected form both the websites of the software that DIALux has more Partners than Relux by 46.51%. and also the partners of Relux are  only form 13 countries mostly form Europe while the partners of DIALux are form 29 countries form different countries  around the world. 8 of these countries are not form Europe which are China, Japan, Saudi Arabia,Thailand,Australia, Dubai, Malaysia and the USA.

The following Schedule shows the origin of the countries for both softwares.

If you want to see which software is used more by Designers around the word you can see the following article

DIALux or Relux…Which one is more popular?

DIALux Partners

o. Company Country Premium/Standard Plugin
1 Artemide Italy Premium
2 atelje-lyktan Sweden Premium
3 Bega Germany Premium
4 Brumberg Germany Premium
5 Concord UK Premium
6 DZ Germany Premium
7 ENDO Japan Premium
8 ERCO Germany Premium
9 ETAP Belgium Premium
10 Fagerhult Sweden Premium
11 Glamox Norway Premium
12 GLASHـTTE LIMBURG Germany Premium
13 hess Germany Premium
14 Hoffmiester Germany Premium
15 iGuzzini Italy Premium
16 Indal Spain Premium
17 Lledo iluminación Spain Premium
18 Louis Polsen Denmark Premium
19 Lumiance UK Premium
20 Megaman China Premium
21 Modular Belgium Premium
22 Neo-Neon China Premium
23 Neri Italy Premium
24 Nikkon Malaysia Premium
25 Oktalite Germany Premium
26 Opple China Premium
27 Osram Germany Premium
28 Philips Netherlands Premium
29 Pierlite Australia Premium
30 Riegens UK Premium
31 RSL Germany Premium
32 Schréder Group Belgium Premium
33 Simes Italy Premium
34 Siteco Germany Premium
35 Solar Denmark Premium
36 Spittler Germany Premium
37 Sylvania UK Premium
38 Thorn UK Premium
39 Trilux Germany Premium
40 Vulkan Germany Premium
41 WACO Belgium Premium
42 Whitecroft Lighting UK Premium
43 WILA Germany Premium
44 Zumtobel Lighting Austria Premium
45 3f-filippi Italy Standard
46 Ahlsell Sweden Standard
47 Archluce Italy Standard
48 Ares Italy Standard
49 ASTZ Russia Standard
50 Beghelli Italy Standard
51 BPS Germany Standard
52 br\\\ght Greece Standard
53 Castaldi Italy Standard
54 CEAG Germany Standard
55 Centrum voor Lichtarchitectuur Netherlands Standard
56 Clearvision UK Standard
57 Cooper Lighting UK Standard
58 Crescent UK Standard
59 DMB China Standard
60 DEFA Norway Standard
61 Dextra UK Standard
62 Disano Italy Standard
63 EAE Turkey Standard
64 EEE Portugal Standard
65 ELBA Romania Standard
66 Elektroskandia Sweden Standard
67 Elektroskandia Finland Standard
68 Emilux Netherlands Standard
69 ESsystem Poland Standard
70 Exporlux Portugal Standard
71 Flash Light Denmark Standard
72 Flos Italy Standard
73 formlite Netherlands Standard
74 Ghidini Italy Standard
75 Hella Germany Standard
76 iLEDs Germany Standard
77 ILUSOL Spain Standard
78 Insta Germany Standard
79 Intra Lighting Slovenia Standard
80 IPI Portugal Standard
81 i-VALO Finland Standard
82 kotzolt Germany Standard
83 LAMP Spain Standard
84 LBM Lichtleit-Fasertechnik GmbH Germany Standard
85 LEDNED Netherlands Standard
86 LEDS-C4 Spain Standard
87 Leipziger-Leuchten Germany Standard
88 Lenneper GmbH & Co. KG Germany Standard
89 Lighting Technologies Russia Standard
90 Lightronics Netherlands Standard
91 Ligman Thailand Standard
92 LUXO Sweden Standard
93 Luxonic UK Standard
94 Malmbergs Sweden Standard
95 Martin Denmark Standard
96 Martini Italy Standard
97 Megalite Dubai Standard
98 megaLUX Bulgaria Standard
99 Microlights UK Standard
100 Nardeen Saudi Arabia Standard
101 Noortek Saudi Arabia Standard
102 Norka Germany Standard
103 NVC China Standard
104 OMS Slovakia Standard
105 Ornalux Spain Standard
106 Petridis-lighting Greece Standard
107 Photon-L USA Standard
108 Planlicht Austria Standard
109 PSM Lighting Belgium Standard
110 RIDI Leuchten GmbH Germany Standard
111 Saudi Lighting Saudi Arabia Standard
112 SEAE France Standard
113 SERMES France Standard
114 SFT China Standard
115 Simon Lighting Spain Standard
116 Spectral Germany Standard
117 TCL China Standard
118 Thorlux UK Standard
119 Tobias Grau Germany Standard
120 Toshiba Japan Standard
121 Troll Spain Standard
122 Unilamp Thailand Standard
123 Waldmann Germany Standard
124 WASCO Germany Standard
125 Yaming Lighting China Standard
126 Yankon China Standard

Relux Partners

No. Company Country
1 3 Brothers Egypt
2 AEC Italy
3 Alteme Switzerland
4 Ansell Electrical UK
5 Ansorg Germany
6 Aurora UK
7 B.E.G luxomat Germany
8 Belux Switzerland
9 Concord UK
10 Cooper Lighting UK
11 Delta Light Belgium
12 Designplan UK
13 Dextra UK
14 Durlum Switzerland
15 EEE Portugal
16 Elementi di Luceplan Italy
17 Feller Switzerland
18 Firalux Switzerland
19 Fluolite Germany
20 Fluora Switzerland
21 Franklite UK
22 Glamox Norway
23 Hacel UK
24 Hellux Germany
25 Hilclare UK
26 HUCO Switzerland
27 iGuzzini Italy
28 Illuma UK
29 IterleD Italy
31 KLEWE Italy
32 Lanzini Italy
33 LICHT + RAUM Switzerland
34 LITE-LICHT Germany
35 LTS Germany
36 Luceplan Italy
37 Lumis Belgium
38 LUXO Sweden
39 MEGAMAN Hong Kong
40 Metalspot-Lus Italy
41 Mizar Italy
42 NORKA Germany
43 Occhio Germany
44 Oktalite Germany
45 Oligo Germany
46 Orbik UK
47 Philips
48 Philips Netherlands
49 Platick Italy
50 Pracht Germany
51 PRISMA Italy
52 PRISMA Architectural USA
53 Profile UK
54 Prolicht Austria
55 Regent Switzerland
56 Regiolux Germany
57 Ribag Switzerland
58 RIDI Leuchten GmbH Germany
59 RUCO LICHT Germany
60 RZB Germany
61 SBP Italy
62 Schmitz Germany
63 Schuch Germany
64 selux Germany
65 Side Italy
66 SILL Germany
67 Siteco Germany
68 SLV Germany
69 SPITTLER Germany
70 Steinel Germany
71 Studio Italia Design international Italy
72 Systemtechnik Germany
73 Tamlite Lighting UK
74 Targetti Poulsen Italy
75 Thorlux UK
76 Thorn UK
77 Tre Ci Luce Italy
78 TRE I Italy
79 Trilux Germany
80 Tulux Switzerland
81 Waldmann Germany
82 WE-EF Germany
83 wever-ducre Belgium
84 Whitecroft Lighting UK
85 XAL Austria
86 Zumtobel Lighting Austria

18 thoughts on “DIALux Relux Report 2010

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  2. Nice report


  3. A lot of People are asking about Dialux Vs Relux


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  9. Dialux Tutorial_How to create a cove for cove lighting in DIALux on the following link


  10. Hi Ezzat can you please send me your template dialux file for your tennis court? I am learning and want to play around with this scenario for my benefit here in Canada.

    Thank you so much for great site!


  11. استاذي عزت بارك الله فيك


  12. Hi Ezzat/all other lighting engineers, Im looking for someone to train me for using DIALux, preferably online. If you offer such training course, please send me the details (training plan, cost..). Or if you know someone that does that you highly recommend please give me the contact details (rsg4999@gmail.com), thanks a lot – Bob


  13. hi ezzat! do you have comparative study like this with AGi32? thanks!


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