the best lighting simulation and calculation software

Vote for your best lighting simulation and calculation  software

20 thoughts on “the best lighting simulation and calculation software

  1. its the best


    1. What is the Best


  2. I’ve been comparing Dialux & Relux for quite a while.
    Unfortunately I’ve been using the worst method. I get stuck and fed up with one with something it can’t or won’t do. So I jump to the other to get something done. Reverse and repeat…

    “Best” is hard choice.


  3. if you can not decide then it could be a waste of time is not?
    just select one and master it better than you use so many but be master on none!


  4. Radiance! Please put it in the list!


  5. I still use Lightscape. For me it’s the best program, the 3D visualization is very fast, I can see the interactions of the reflections on surfaces and still get a final solution 3d ready, not just an image.


  6. Our office used Oxytech lightstar 10 for many years, we tested both Relux and DIALux and eventually made the transition to DIALux. We have been very surprised by how intuitive Dialux is. In South Africa Relux is mostly favored by Engineers, however we maintain DIALux i the best software for our lighting design office. We also make use of the online Forum to ask advice or to ask questions.


  7. Ezzat Baroudi May 26, 2011 — 2:09 pm

    Thanks George


  8. Nikhil Kochar June 3, 2011 — 4:34 pm

    Hi Ezzat,

    Unfortunately your comparison is flawed.
    You have chosen to pick software at random.
    As a lighting designer you should understand that the lighting industry is not software driven, rather its just a means to gets to an end. In your voting fiasco, you have compared free and paid software at the same level. It would have been more helpful to understand the rendition prowess of softwares and to have compared them at that level.
    What could have helped is , if you would have picked up performace parameters namely radiosity calculations, ray trace settings, surface mesh controls, color bleed control, exposure control, tone mapping etc. It is these and many more such parameters that actually help defining the complexity of a software. By doing this you would have created a platform to educate all with regards to picking up a software for their specific application.

    Above all the deciding factor is requirement at a design firm level and the budget that can be set aside in getting a software.
    However I wish you luck with your voting gimmick, I hope you can extract some useful information from it.

    best regards,

    Nikhil K

    I could do a dimensionally small project, barely a room or so on any software and not know the differences as to what the true capabilities of each software is.
    Further more comparing a free software with a paid one doesnt make sense. As you would find, most of the people who have commented havent used all of them that extensively to be able to come up with a possible suggestion.


    1. Hi Nikhil
      actually I wanted to know form this vote what is the most used software.
      so far DIALux has a lot of users.
      I tried all of them but really found DIALux to be very good


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  10. Robert DeLaPlaza August 12, 2011 — 2:04 am

    I think that to evaluate “how good” a program is, we can not base it in how “many people use it”, it is like “eat grass, millions of cows can not be wrong”.
    Of course that free software is going to have more users. it is free.
    A more realistic approach will be to evaluate, features: how many things the program can do or what kind of results you can get and ease of use, could be another parameter.. how to measure them.. that’s the problem. get users input & ideas and set a standard, then based on statistics some real data can be of value. I agree that DIAlux is very good. but… is a better one out there..?


  11. I think that Dialux is best


  12. can any help out on how to load the plugin catalog


  13. Dialux is more intuitive ,with a good presentation and integrated but …
    It’s not a 64 bit sofware and use only 1 core.
    Its not too much stable.
    Sometimes (rarely) give wrong results.


  14. so far, i’m in love with Dialux.


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