My first project in DIALux evo 1

My first project in DIALux evo 1

till the date of whiting this post DIALux evo 1 is still as beta version for some designers and I was lucky to be a beta tester for DIALux evo 1

Here is my experience,

My first impression was not very good about the new software as I didn’t know how to use it the way I used DIALux 4, and I was frustrated because it used to crash all the times and that was because I had my set up for the graphic system in cad  as openGL but when I changed it to Direct3D, most of my problems have gone, but still some bugs which I think hopefully will be gone in the future too.

Now I really find it great!! and start enjoying working in the new DIALux evo 1 a lot.

In my first project which is simple architecture for a small residence I made one complete story with 7 different spaces.

The result of the first room could be seen in the following images where I imported 3ds files (flower, planter,iPad, TV…etc) with texture and I made a cove light in the ceiling for ambient light and I used accent lighting as well.

The calculation is extremely fast compared to DIALux 4.10 with same complexity as it reduces the time from hours to only minutes!

Also the rendering is super fast compared to POV-Ray with fantastic result!

Hope you will like my first project

you can find more information about DIALux evo 1 in the following offical DIALux facebook page

8 thoughts on “My first project in DIALux evo 1

  1. good programe


  2. I wish I had been chosen to be an EVO beta tester!

    JG – from Brazil.


  3. I have downloaded DIALux_evo_Beta_IV.exe but it seems to have problems extracting its files during installation. Have you tried it?


  4. GOstaria de Usar o Dialux evo porem como cadastro o Cliente e o Projetista?




  6. HATEGEKIMANA David September 25, 2019 — 11:43 am

    I am stuck !here I have Dialux evo 4.13 but when I always go with different tutorials I just get Dialux evo materials anyone who can help me the integration.


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