My second complete project with DIALux evo Indoor and outdoor Project

My second complete project with DIALux evo Indoor and outdoor Project

In this project I started to understand evo better, and I started to know what could cause the software to crash more than before which is very important for complex project with many surfaces and 3ds file

In the following project I used some 3ds files

  1. BMW X5
  2. Palm Tree
  3. Flowers
  4. Sphere to simulate ERCO Object “The square stele with sphere”

All other objects and materials have been completely made by DIALux evo, no other software has been used for modeling or final rendering.

Here are some tips for complex projects

  1. Try to minimize the control grope which are generated automatically by DIALux evo, you can reduces the number of control groups by going to calculation area and changing the control group.
  2. Try to minimize the light scene as well.
  3. Use low mesh 3ds files less than 1 MB  and you can first imported to DIALux 4.10 to change the size and converted to M3d then imported to DIALux evo.
  4. Save the DIALux evo file different times with deferent names e.g. 01, 02, 03…etc, to avoid losing the file and its data, DIALux evo will create a BAK file but this is a safer way to do it.
  5. Finally my advice to you , start with small project to understand the software before you start with a complex onet , remember that DIALux evo is completely deferent form DIALux 4.x.

some screenshots of the software after calculation rendering

and here is the renderings

14 thoughts on “My second complete project with DIALux evo Indoor and outdoor Project

  1. Bilal EL-Sayed Ali August 3, 2012 — 10:07 am

    nice work …. can we have the Dialux file???


  2. can you send a tutorial how to make this intricate design even a simpler one compare to this


  3. could u please send me the dialux file???? I’ll be most grateful my email is


  4. so basically you can only make night scenes?


  5. Hi Ezzat. Thanks for sharing your experience with evo thus far. Anyway, my problem with evo is with the report. I have not seen a complete report template like in Dialux 4. Do you have any template that we can use that looks professional enough to be presented to clients?


    1. I would jump into using dialux evo if i could get a nice report output


  6. Hi, It’s very beautiful way to create such impression. Can you please send me the dialux file for my future references.
    I will be very grateful to you.


  7. Can you please share the dialux file.I will be great full to you mu email ID am facing some problem with EVO..I think its an graphic issue can you suggest or share the configuration of your PC on which you are working…


  8. Dear Mr. Ezzat
    Those images are realistic and Beautiful but what about the Lighting Analysis and Calculation. Please share the dialux file to know it better. And please tel me know is it possible to Get a Video from Dialux Evo 3 as it is not available in previous versions of Dialux evo 1 and 2


  9. Sorry plz mail to my id


  10. I am working on DIALux 4.13 it is easier to me but DIALux evo is the latest version of it. I want to work with that but i am not getting it well..
    Please suggest me How I go through first..?


  11. Why are the rendered pictures so dark?


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