the difference between DIALux evo and DIALux 4.12

DIALux evo is much faster and better 

DIALux evo was launched in 2012 and is replacing the old DIALux 4.12

In the future there will not be update of DIALux 4.12 or DIALux 4.13

Is generation “evo” better than generation 4?

Actually DIALux evo is much more faster with better rendering, better handling of complex model and has different concept of construction, applying material, light and making the calculation.

Is DIALux evo ready to replace the current generation 4?

Yes the only pending feature is emergency lighting and sport lighting which is expected to be available by end of 2016, after that DIAL might not give any further support for the old DIALux 4

If you want to learn DIALux evo I recommend you to have a look at my DIALux evo tutorial series  DLX-T 

You can start with DLX-T1

if you want to see the result of  DIALux evo you can see my other post

My second complete project with DIALux evo Indoor and outdoor Project

My first project in DIALux evo 1

6 thoughts on “the difference between DIALux evo and DIALux 4.12



    1. just try yourself men


  2. hello!
    I need to use the standars and norms for example 150 lx inside a room
    i can do it on dialux evo or i got to use the regular dialux??


  3. Hello!
    I tried to import a .sat file as an object in my Dialux evo 5 project but after 5 hours downloading, the program didn’t respond. The .sat file is very heavy (283 000 KB). It is an architect file with buildings, and landscape. I need to work on this base to focus my work only on the light design instead of architecture design.
    My desktop PC: i7 – 4790 // 8GB 3DD RAM// Nvidia GTX 750 ti 2GB
    Would it be better if I import a .3ds file?
    How can I convert a .sat file to .3ds file without using 3DSMAX?
    Also, I have imported the same file in 3D dwg as a drawing but it display only a Wireframe model instead of a shaded model.
    Do you have a solution to my problem?

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  4. I just downloaded Dialux Evo 5.2 (64-bit) because I received a .dlx file but it won’t open the file. Could you tell me what I am doing wrong? Did I download the wrong version and if I did which one should I have downloaded? Thanks.


  5. Dialux 4.13 was issued this week with minor updates.

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