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In 2008. I wrote a topic about DIALux or Relux…Which one is more popular? this year I am writing a report based on the data available on both websites  www.dial.de and http://www.relux.biz and dated on 21-10-2010 to show the partners of both softwares and the country of origin of each partner and the here are the results


It is obvious form the data collected form both the websites of the software that DIALux has more Partners than Relux by 46.51%. and also the partners of Relux are  only form 13 countries mostly form Europe while the partners of DIALux are form 29 countries form different countries  around the world. 8 of these countries are not form Europe which are China, Japan, Saudi Arabia,Thailand,Australia, Dubai, Malaysia and the USA.

The following Schedule shows the origin of the countries for both softwares.

If you want to see which software is used more by Designers around the word you can see the following article

DIALux or…

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