DIALux and Relux 2012 comparison

I have posted two earlier posts about DIALux and Relux

you can find the older comparison in the following link



and also I have mad a poll for users of 4 softwars to vote for their favorite software, you can see the result of the updated vote in the following link


Now I made some tweets on twitter with a hashtag #DIALux_vs_Relux where every one can add his/her opinion


the tweets up to dates are

today the result DIALux Followers on twitter 164 Relux Followers on twitter 22

form Google trends-> people have searched for DIALux three times more than relux

I found Relux Has better library for 3d furniture and objects

in my opinion DIALux is much more intuitive



how many people liked the software on Facebook DIALux.support Page 6461 ReluxSuite Page 552

Relux has a very nice plugin for AutoCAD to create a room following poly lines


ReluxTunnel can easily calculate Tunnel DIALux doesn’t have any special calc for Tunnel

in a poll in my weblog most people (76%) preferred DIALux see details

As of today DIALux has 157 Partnershttp://www.dial.de/DIAL/de/dialux/pluginskataloge.html

Relux has 97 Partners http://www.relux.biz/index.php?option=com_herstellernew&introTextid=231&Itemid=240&lang=en

Finally I would say my preference  is DIALux

feel free to add your own opinion here or on twitter with a hashtag #DIALux_vs_Relux

4 thoughts on “DIALux and Relux 2012 comparison

  1. Pingback: Anonymous
  2. Thanks for the effort
    I think after the great upgrades done in Dialux EVO, hardly for Relux to compete!

    Good Job.


  3. Dialux is highly intuitive and user friendly,so it is more popular…


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