DLX-T3 Improvement of renderings

Many people are asking me how can some people make  good DIALux renderings? , but we can’t .

the answer is, we should remember that DIALux is very great tool but it is just a tool, we have to understand lighting design not only software!

many people use in their rendering just an ambient light! ” General lighting” will hardly create a nice rendering shot!

Tip 1 : use a good accent lighting with a minimum ratio between  accent  to General lighting of  5:1

accent lighting should be at least 5 times more than general lighting

Tip 2: use good location to create an interesting shadow good rendering is like good lighting design techniques.

here is a project which have exactly the same objects ,same materials and colors and same point of view but they look completely different!

have a look and say which one you like the most?

the left one with accent or the right one with only general lighting ?

Accent lighting with Ambient lighting 01

Accent lighting with Ambient lighting 02

Accent lighting with Ambient lighting 03

Finally remember we don’t like cloudy day, we like the sunny day more so make you rendering like a sunny Day and enjoy!

Sunny day vs cloudy day lighting diffuse and direct

to Do similar project check out the following Tutorial

DIALux evo Tutorial-4 Creating a complete project from A to Z with DIALux evo

DIALux evo 1_Ezzat Baroudi P3_00

6 thoughts on “DLX-T3 Improvement of renderings

  1. Pingback: Anonymous
  2. Dear Mr. Ezzat ,

    Can you provide a tutorial based only on light scene & luminaire grouping…
    I would appreciate if you can.



    1. Dear Madam

      You can find light scene and luminaire grouping in below link. But it works in dialux 4.11


  3. Dear Mr. Ezzat

    Please provide me which company product have u used for the Track lights , Beam Angle? can you please suggest me ?


  4. Hi Sr. Ezzat how are you, you have interest work. I have a a question. What computer do you use? Procesor, RAM memory, Grafic Card, etc


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