DLX-T11-Self-illuminated signage



Illuminated Signage in DIALux evo

This Tutorial for advanced users if you are not familiar with DIALux evo then start with other tutorials

DIALux evo Tutorials-DLX-T 


the current version of DIALux evo doesn’t support self luminance , this tutorial help you create an illuminated signage by using some tricks and tips


Create a text or shape by using any software the easiest way by windows Paint

DLX-11 dialux evo 6  Illuminated Signage in DIALux evo

Create a white text in Paint with black background

the text/Shape should be whiten with black background


Create a frame of the signage

in this DLX-T I subtracted two cubes

 Subtract 4 x0.8×0.15 cube from  4.1 x0.9×0.15

DLX-11 Signage cube1
Cube 1 size
DLX-11 Signage cube2
Cube-2 size


Place a 3rd cube with 4 x0.85×0.05 and align it to be mid of X ,Y,X of the frame

DLX-11 Signage cube3.png
Cube-3 Size

Then Subtract cube 3 from the frame to get a niche where you can put later a strip light inside

DLX-11 Signage frame with niche
niche in the frame


go to material and select black color with 0% reflection value and apply it to the inside surfaces of the frame

DLX-11 Signage frame with niche black color.png
inside surfaces of the frame should be black 0% reflection


insert strip light inside the two niches, if you dont have a source for strip light then you can go to lumsearch.com 

search for 5050 red and select the first search and insert the phototropic file inside DIALux by click on the Dx icon

if the Dx icon is not active then the manufacturer doesn’t support this function in the lumsearch then select another

DLX-11 lumseach.png
SMD 5050 Red from lumsearch

insert the red strip in the bottom niche and search for 5050 blue then inset this blue strip in the top niche

by default most strip light distribution will be downward so make sure to activate the Show light distribution curve  and rotate the bottom strip light upward to illuminate inside the frame

the top strip however should be downward.

insert multiple strip length to cover the 4 meter , I have used 4 strips each one has 1 meter length at bottom and 4 strips at top.

DLX-11 Signage frame with niche smd 5050 red blue in the nich light.png
Light distribution of the bottom strip should be facing up to illuminate inside the frame


insert cube 4 with the following size 4.05 x0.1×0.85 then align it back of the frame Y

center in Z,X

DLX-11 Signage frame with niche  back cube


create texture material with the create text with size of 4.05×0.85 and reflection value of 5%

DLX-11 Signage frame with niche  texture material
The Texture should be with 5% reflection factor

then calculate and render to get the illuminated signage!

DLX-11 dialux evo 6  Illuminated Signage in DIALux evo

however there will be spill of the strip light in the space to avoid this follow next step

DLX-11  Illuminated Signage in DIALux evo
Spill light from direct distribution of strip light



to avoid the spill light copy cube 4 and change the back color of it to black 0 Reflection value and the front side of it make it Transparent with 10% transparency and reflection factor to 1 or 0


DLX-11 dialux evo 6  Illuminated Signage in DIALux evo Front layer
Front Cube with new values transparent with 10% front side and 0% and Black Back side

after applying new texture values then align this cube to be centered front with the frame

you can push it slightly back to create a gap but should be ahead of the strip light.

DLX-11 dialux evo 6  Illuminated Signage in DIALux evo Front layer plan.png
Top view plan

after you put this then you can calculate and see the results without spill light!

DLX-11  Illuminated Signage in DIALux evo_3.jpg
Self illuminated signage without spill light

since the strip light is used for creating an effect and we are using low transparency values then you can go to the lamp properties in DIALux and increase the lumen value by many times, i used 2000 lumen for blue and 3000 lumen for red for each Strip.

DLX-T11 dialux evo 6 2016.png
Increase the lumen to get better results


you can use different background and create different effect with other values of reflection and transparency  but the white text/shape with black background seems to have the maximum effect. while using lighter background will minimize the effect

DLX-11  Illuminated Signage in DIALux evo white light
Warm white Strip light with red background and blue text

of course you can add logo or any shape to the text

Self illuminated signs Trick

for other DIALux evo Tutorials DLX-T

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you can also visit the LdG Lighting Design Guide page

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2 thoughts on “DLX-T11-Self-illuminated signage

  1. Nice tutorial, thanks

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Day Greetings
    Dear Eng Ezzat
    You have really been a inspiration for all lighting designers
    I have a question regarding the lighting design for the signage and the size of the board is 60 m length,40 m breath and width of 4MM THICK. ALUMINUM COMPOSITE FOLDED PANEL(ALPOLIC-A2,OFF-WHITE COLOR)
    the display is having letter in arabic lailaha illalah with 8MM THICK. ACRYLIC SHEET OPAL WHITE COLOR
    so how do i illuminate such signage using dialux evo or dialux
    i tried doing it with backlight with led panel but cannot get the look properly
    so help regarding this
    thanking you for being an inspiration


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