DLX-T14 Boolean operation in DIALux evo

Using Boolean operation (intersection, subtract and combine) could be very handy,

We will make different ceiling details using different objects, you could also use cutout as explained in the tutorial DLX-T13. but lets see the difference!

for this tutorial create a room 6×6 with 4m height

DLX-T14 dialux evo tutorial 14.png
Create a room 6×6 with hight of 4m
DLX-T14 dialux evo tutorial 14_2 cube.png
Creat a cube with 3×3 and hight of 1 meter
DLX-T14 dialux evo tutorial 14_3 cube
Create 4 cubes of same dimension and move them to corner
DLX-T14 dialux evo tutorial 14_4 cube
For presiese adjustment move the corner points to the corner of the room


DLX-T14 dialux evo tutorial 14 dlxt14  front view
In the front view move the 4 cubes to the top
DLX-T14 dialux evo tutorial 14 dlxt14  Vertical cylinder
Insert Vertical cylinder with 3 m height and 3m diameter, segments 64


DLX-T14 dialux evo tutorial 14 dlxt14  Horizontal Cylinder
To make it Horizontal Cylinder drag the cylinder to a wall and it becomes Horizontal Cylinder, alternatively insert and rotate



DLX-T14 dialux evo tutorial 14 dlxt14  move cylinder
In the front View move the cylinder down and scale the height to 2m, the height is not z axis, because the cylinder is rotated , it could be y or x axis , use scale tool to know which axis and then you can change form the properties
DLX-T14 dialux evo tutorial 14 dlxt14  Vertical cylinder copy and rotate
In the plan view copy and rotate the cylinder to 90º of the first one


DLX-T14 dialux evo tutorial 14 dlxt14  Vertical cylinder copy arrangments
Make 4 cylinders each two should be perpendicular to each other
DLX-T14 dialux evo tutorial 14 dlxt14  2 Intersection of 2 cylinders
Select only two cylinders and go to copy and arrange tool then use Intersection
DLX-T14 dialux evo tutorial 14 dlxt14  combine cylinders
Select the other two Cylinder and combine
DLX-T14 dialux evo tutorial 14 dlxt14 3 Intersection of 2 cylinders
Object A is the intersection of two cylinders, Object B is the combined Cylinders
dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14-3-copy and arrange tool align to top Z
In the front view Select Object A and B and one of the cube, then align to top from copy and arrange tool
dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14-3-copy Subtract Cube from A
Select Object A and the cube above it and Subtract , make sure to select the cube not object A.
dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14-3-copy Subtract Cube from B
Select Object B and the Cube above and Subtract, Subtract From the Cube
dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14-4 ceiling
Notice the difference between the two results
dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14-4 Sphere diameter segments 24
Insert a Sphere with diameter of 3 m and Segments of 24 (the Max in evo)
dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14-4 Sphere diameter segments 24 highet
Change the height of the sphere to 2 m
dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14-5 Align Sphere
Align the Sphere both in plan view to the third cube then align in the front View to top
dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14-6 Subtract Sphere
Subtract the Cube from the Sphere
dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14-7 Dome ceiling
This is Dome ceiling, but with visible segments

Lets work to make the segments less visible in the next steps

dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14-8 circular arrangement
Insert circular arrangement for a sphere with 3 m diameter and 24 segments
dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14- 10
Make Quantity 40 and Radius 0, the radius will change automatically to the minimum value (0.05)
dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14- 01
select the sphere group then click anther time to select individual sphere
dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14- 001
in The 3d View select the other spheres by Shift key and mouse. make sure it is selection of individuals not the group
dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14- 0001
from copy and arrange too use center Y and Center X if you can’t see this then you have to deselect and re-select the individuals not the group by clicking twice

Watch out the next Step works only if you have a pc with good processor and RAM,otherwise DIALux might crash ,so Save you project before the next step

if DIALux crash then try with less Number of sphere may be 40 or 30

i have done it with 40 sphere.

dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14- 00001.png
use intersection from copy and arrange tool
dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14- 000001 intersection of shpere
After intersection of sphere objects change the height to 2.n the sphere got smaller than 3 so change x=3 y=3
dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14- 0000001 intersection of shpere
Align to cube 4 and then Subtract
dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14- 00000001 intersection of shpere
The new dome has less visible segments!

you can use Truncated pyramid object with circular arrangement to get a cone

dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14-circular arrangement Truncated pyramid
Insert circular arrangement Truncated pyramid with 40 or 50 quantity and radius 0
dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14-circular arrangement Truncated pyramid2
Select individuals of Truncated pyramid, then center X, y and Intersection
dlx-t14-dialux-evo-tutorial-14-dlxt14-circular arrangement Truncated pyramid3
you have made a cone from 50 Truncated pyramid by intersection tool!
The Calculation is very fast
DLX-13 Creating vault ceiling in DIALux evo

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  1. Can you please make a tutorial showing how to build the space using sketchup then import the file into DIALUX?
    Thanks in advance!

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