DLX-T15 Construction Architecture Objects in DIALux evo

Construction  of complex Architecture Objects in DIALux

balustrade column corners crown moldings baluster dialux evo DLX-T15
Complex architecture object like Columns, Baluster,crown, moldings … etc

Complex architecture object like Columns, Baluster,crown, moldings … etc

Tutorial No: DLX-T15

Level of Tutorial: Intermediate to Advance

Duration: 10-20 min

Version used: DIALux evo 6

Advantage of Construction in DIALux

Many 3ds files are available on the internet for complex Architecture elements like columns and baluster …etc .

why should we consider creating these elements in DIALux?

One of the great advantages that, it helps you to get light object compared with heavy  3ds file which means faster calculation time.however the disadvantage is that it is time consuming but you could save this time during calculation and rendering

DLX-T15_5 3ds m3d
Object created in DIALux has less surfaces and is lighter than most heavy 3ds files


Calculation time of these object is very fast compared to the imported 3ds file, one project with more than 70 object was calculated in less than 30 min while with 3ds files of 70 could take more than 3 hours!

Starting the Tutorial

we will make a baluster from a CAD drawing in the Floorplan view then will will rotate, google baluster cad in DWG format and insert into DIALux then follow the following steps

you could also download the same cad file from the following link

Cad file for DLX-T15 


DLX-T15_1 Create baluster extrusion Volume
Step-1 Import cad for the object, then select Extrusion volume
DLX-T15_3 Create baluster extrusion Volume
Step-2 Create extrusion volume ,trace the outside points.
DLX-T15_4 Create baluster extrusion Volume copy and rotate
Step-3 Copy, then Rotate and move to the other side
DLX-T15_5 modefiy
Step-4 Change the the Height, Size of Z=0.1 meter
DLX-T15_5 Align to Top
Step-5 Select both objects and Align to top
DLX-T15_6 Combine objects
Step-6 Select both object and combine
DLX-T15_7 Rotate x by 90
Step-7 Rotate the combined object around X axis X=90°


DLX-T15_8 copy as circular arrangements

Step-8 Select the object then copy as circular arrangement

DLX-T15_9 copy as circular arrangements
Step-9 Create random Circle Quantity and follow curve Shape
DLX-T15_10 align x y
Step-10 Align Center X and Center y then Combine
DLX-T15_11 plan view and side view
Floorplan view and Front View of the object
DLX-T15_12 Cylinder
Step-11 insert cylinder with size to be within the boundary of two red circles height of cylinder also not more than the combined object
DLX-T15_13 Subtract the combined object from Cylinder Useful Tip
Step-12 Subtract the combined object from Cylinder
DLX-T15_13 Subtract the combined object from Cylinder Useful Tip.png
you can use the name in the search box

by this you made what is similar to revolve object in other 3d software which is not available in the current version of DIALux

Another way by using the intersection operation 

DLX-T15_1 inside outside points

DLX-T15_inside outside points 2

DLX-T15_inside outside points 3.png

DLX-T15_inside outside points 4.png

DLX-T15_inside outside points 5

DLX-T15_inside outside points 6.png

DLX-T15_inside outside points 7.png

DLX-T15_inside outside points 8.png

DLX-T15_inside outside points 9.png

DLX-T15_inside outside points 10.png


If you want to know more about the Boolean operations (combine, subtract and intersection) have a look at DLX-T14

DLX-13 Creating vault ceiling in DIALux evo

for other DIALux evo Tutorials DLX-T

DIALux evo Tutorials-DLX-T 

you can also visit the LdG Lighting Design Guide page

Lighting design Guide-LdG


6 thoughts on “DLX-T15 Construction Architecture Objects in DIALux evo

  1. Great help and advice, keep them coming thanks!


  2. Marvelous dominion of EVO congrats… you got another fan, I already bookmarked you!


  3. Como usar esse modelo criado, em outros projetos
    ” How to use this template created in other projects”


  4. Rinaldo Soccol April 9, 2018 — 7:52 pm

    Everytime I try to create an object, Dialux EVO 7.1 crashes on step 10 (Step-10 Align Center X and Center y then Combine).
    Yet I succeeded one time to create an object, but now I’m not able to create another object.
    Can you give some tips on what might be going wrong?


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