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مواضيع الانارة باللغة العربية


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  1. Hi
    I have a question:
    I import a 3DS file in to Dialux and add texture to its surface then it is not possible to resize or edit this texture anymore.
    What is the solution?


  2. Hi Ezzat, I live in Brazil and I’m developing a lighting app for iPad.
    Do you know where can I get information about the algorithm of the photometric calculation using the .IES from a luminaire ?

    Thanks for the handbook.pdf


    Bruno Cavalcante


  3. Hi Ezzat, i’m from Slovakia and i have problem with pov ray. i saw movie that you made out of pov ray images, i found some sort of guide how to make such video, mostly how to make pov ray generate pictures one after another. I posted my problem on dialux forum http://forum.dial-gsd.de/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=4260 but i’m lost and have no idea why its not working correctly. Please help if you can. By the way, yours tutorials are great, was i big help and moved my work forward. Thank you in advance for response.

    mine contact emails are



  4. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    أنا أسمى زين العابد ين محمد ، أولآ أشكر حضرتك على كل هذة المعلومات القيمة وعلى فكرة أنا خريج تجارة لاكن عندى شركة توريدات كهرباء وتعلمت كثيرآ من شرح سيادتكم
    فبرجاء التكرم بالرد على هذا السؤل اريد معرفة أضاءة وجهات عدد 2مبنى بوجة زجاج متصلين بوصلة ديكورية من أعلى ويوجد ممر بينهم بة محلات تجاريى أريد تثبيت أضاءة من أعلى باضة غير مزعجة للسكان ولتكن أضاء LED شكرآ مهندس / عزت


  5. Hello Sir,
    Your designs are just awesome…i am new in using dialux and very confused about something…i want to make a model in 3ds max, apply textures to it… then import this model in dialux and do simulations and the export the final result back to 3ds max for rendering…Is it possible what i am thinking.



  6. Hi
    I try to export from many CAD format but Dialux 4.10 didn’t get them. It asked to browse and when I loaded nothing happen just a green strip for loading and that’s it


  7. السلام عليكم
    السيد عزات نشكركم على الالعلومات القيمة التي تفيد بها
    ولكن اود السؤال عن كيفة الحصول IES file
    لوحدات الانارة الشرايدر


  8. hi
    how to moving the drawing and project with the mouse


  9. Venkatesh Hariharan November 8, 2012 — 7:29 pm

    Hello there, have been using dialux 4.10 for designing lighting for interior spaces for a while now. The designs are more to convince myself than to convince the client. Hence I am not thorough with all options. Now I need to design couple of outdoor projects. One a vast landscaping project and second a 20 floor apartment complex. How do I generate the model in dialux? I have the autoCAD line diagram drawing for the building. Are there any tutorials? Please help me out.

    Thanks in advance



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